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Every statistical project is different and has its own characteristics.
It is therefore not possible in advance to provide a blanket statement of the costs that will do justice to this variety of projects. Instead, I first determine the project or task-related costs within a feasibility study and communicate them clearly to you. Depending on the needs and scope of the task, this can take different forms.
If there is a concrete formulation of the tasks, I first check whether I can help you and what effort is involved. On this basis, I will prepare a cost estimate for you.
Projects for which the range of tasks cannot yet be clearly defined or which are currently in the development or planning phase can be advised on the basis of a negotiated daily rate.
Do you need long-term and guaranteed access to my expertise, for example because you want to be able to reliably process recurring statistical tasks? Are statistical evaluations a regular part of your professional work and would you like a professional contact person? It can then be advantageous to contractually establish a collaboration for a specified period of time. In a joint conversation, I would be happy to tell you what something like this could look like.

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